Sikaflex® adhesives with SikaBooster® technology have been widely introduced by commercial transport manufacturers to speed their bonding processes. Compatible products reach the same final properties, regardless if cured with air moisture or SikaBooster®.

For high volume applications out of bulk packaging, SikaBooster® is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for fast strength development of elastic adhesives. For applications with less consumption, Sika’s PowerCure system may offer the best value.

Booster application and pump system

SikaBooster® Adhesives for the Panel Bonding and Vehicle Assembly

For commercial transport body panel assembly, SikaBooster® adhesives are easy to use and build up handling strength quickly. Using accelerated curing adhesives allows reducing temporary fixtures and enables moving vehicles to the next workstation quicker. SikaBooster® ensures even large adhesive joints to cure within hours, rather than days or weeks if cured with air moisture.

SikaBooster® Adhesives for Vehicle Glass and Windshield Bonding

For commercial vehicle windshield and glass installation, Sika provides cold and warm-applied adhesive solutions compatible with SikaBooster® technology. Combining warm-applied adhesive with high initial grab with SikaBooster® allows direct fixation of even massive windshields combined with fast curing, allowing installation without temporary fixtures. For side glass installation, where windows may have to be positioned and aligned, the use of traditional cold-applied technologies is best suited.